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Side of plain pancakes served with real maple syrup 4 G

Side of specialty pancakes 5 G

Bowl of steel cut oatmeal with fresh berries 5

Nitrate-free bacon, turkey bacon, or house turkey apple sausage 3.5

Side green or Caesar salad D 3.5

Cup of fat-free Greek yogurt w/ raw honey and berries 4 D

Cup of low-fat cottage cheese 2.5 D

Fruit cup 2.5, All berries 3.5

Organic maple syrup 1

White, wheat, or rye toast served w/ jam or peanut butter 2.5 G

Cup of Red skin divines 2.5    , Ham Hash 3.5 D

Basket of red skin divines w/ a side of chive crème fraiche 5.5 D

Basket of Monkey Bread w/ a side of cream cheese icing 4 D

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We believe eating healthy, nutritious food is everything. That’s why we use only the freshest ingredients and best recipes to serve the highest quality food to your table or on the go!


Wholesome smoothies and meals that are good for your body AND your taste buds – Honest to Goodness!


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Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order. Consuming undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness

G = Contains Gluten • SF = Contains Shellfish

D = Contains Dairy  • N = Contains Nuts or Seeds • S = Contains Soy


= HTG Lighter Fare. Ask your server for nutritional information.